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Welcome to the Jose Abad Santos High School (Binondo , Manila) Alumni Association USA
Class 71 Celebrates 45th Anniversary 
Register - Grand Reunion in Vegas Oct 15, 2016
Abadians in North America (US and Canada) are all invited to another exciting JASHS grand alumni reunion at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday, October 15, 2016.
Go to memory lane and relive the good high school days with schoolmates and meet new friends in an evening of informal interactions, dance, music, showcasing of talents and entertainment. Get a good glimpse of what US-based Abadians have given back in terms of projects for the school and how these are making a difference in the lives of its students.
Dinner-Dance tickets at $60 per person confirms your reservation to the event. Write a check payable to JASHSAA-USA and mail to:
Arcie Ferrer (Treas.)
11315 Adoree St.
Norwalk, CA 90650

See you in Las Vegas!


A big hooray to Jose Abad Santos High School Batch 71 for their 45th grand reunion held at the Manila Pavilion last February 21, 2016. Nothing short of spectacular as the fun filled occasion was celebrated by over 120 home comers from all over the world notably from US, Canada and the Middle East. This bunch of Batch 71 Abadians is really something else. Bakit kamo? Please read on.

The gala night went thru without a hitch. Thanks to a very well organized local group headed by Jin Salvatierra and Sonia Santos who emceed the event as well. For openers Chris Tan belted a powerful vocal rendition of our National Anthem and Tom Galora not to be outdone sang the Invocation in a very unusual way. In between the singing and dancing acts of raucous female impersonators were wild but fun parlor games for every one to enjoy and win money. To dance the night away, 5 dance instructors made sure that everybody hits the dance floor. There’s abundance of picture taking hoping to capture and freeze in time any left over youth and hair of these 60’s and older bunch of schoolmates. Reminiscing high school memories of fun, tuksuhan, awayan, and batuhan filled the night that the house was still full till closing time.